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International Grand Lodge of Druidism IGLD is affiliated with Druid bodies in Australia, Denmark, Germany, Norway, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA.
Druids Friendly Society Australian branch of the United Ancient Order of Druids is a small, progressive Friendly Society. It was established for the purpose of fostering social and intellectual communication amongst its members, as well as the promotion of general benevolence.

HISTORY OF DRUIDS, INCLUDING MARIN COUNTY, CA Includes facts about the founding of each grove, present and extinct that has existed in Marin County, CA, and information about the general history of Druidism in the United States.
California Groves of the UAOD List of present and extinct Groves of the California Grand Grove of the UAOD.
Nicasio Grove No. 42, U.A.O.D. Information relating to Nicasio Grove No. 42, UAOD.
Novato Grove No. 113, U.A.O.D. Information relating to Novato Grove No. 113, U.A.O.D.
Tri-Grove Bocce Tournament Novato Advance sports article about Bocce Ball Tournament between Vine Hill Grove No. 211, Concord Grove No. 155 and Novato Grove No. 113 of the United Ancient Order of Druids.

Meet Up with Druids Informal "coffee house" gatherings held every third Wednessday for those interested in Druidry.
Fraternal Membership Avoid group think and see what fraternalists of different traditions are doing to maintain the relevance of fraternalism in their communities. A great source of links to fraternities.
Fraternal Imposters In addition to federal protections, most states, including California, protect the name and insignia of fraternal organizations against infringement and/or illegitimate use with both civil and criminal penalties. Beware of falsely representing yourself to be a member of a given fraternal group, or usurping the fraternity’s name or insignia.